Current Indications for Growth Hormone Therapy (Endocrine Development)
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Current Indications for Growth Hormone Therapy (Endocrine Development)

Growth hormone (GH) has been used therapeutically for over 50 years. Since the development of a nearly unlimited supply of recombinant human GH in the mid-1980s, children with less severe GH deficiency can also profit from GH replacement therapy. Careful and accurate diagnosis and specific dosing, both essential to ensure normal height development, require the clinician to understand the finer points of clinical trials, to acquire quality evidence and assess the benefits of therapeutic intervention. Furthermore, genetic and environmental factors influencing GH sensitivity and responsiveness need to be taken into account. In this second edition all these aspects are covered in depth. Clinical examination, detailed auxological measurements, bone age assessment, molecular analysis and neuro-radiological evaluation as well as an adaptive strategy of dosing focusing on a patient's individual responsiveness are discussed in detail. This volume of "Endocrine Development" is essential reading for pediatric endocrinologists, pediatricians and clinical nurse specialists involved in GH therapy.

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