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  • A Home, heart & friendship for Rent!!! I desire a best friend, lover, and soulmate. One who is open minded and content with their mind & body. I hope to find one who wants a home, a heart and to be loved, and adored forever. Who already lives in the U.S. or can travel to the U.S. I own a home and 4 acres and want someone to share the rest of my life with.
  • A loving, kind, Southern Gentleman. Let us see what may be! Wanna be a "Snowbird"?
  • A Home, heart, and love for Rent!!! Update: I desire a best friend, lover, and soulmate. I moved back to my 4 acres and home near Ocala/Crystal River. Son is now married. LOL! Just a simple kinda man, kind, easy going, understanding, loving, sensual and passionate with the one I care for. And hoping to find her. My last love and soulmate forever. I lived with my Son (Navy) for the last 3 yrs. helping take care of my 7 y/o grandson in Jacksonville but own 4 acres near Ocala/Gainesville, and also helping take care of my 89 y/o father who is in failing health. Seeking a woman with an understanding, open minded. who wants to become a best friend and be afored forever.
  • Southern Gentle Man! I'm a open minded man hoping to find my last love and soulmate forever. A younger but mature woman that wants to love, be loved, worshipped and adored forever. Sensual, passionate, kind, understanding and a Gentleman.
  • Home & Heart for Rent! A mature man seeking one lady with a loving heart to share a friendship, love, passion forever! Open to whatever may happen.
  • Home & Heart for Rent! I'm open, so please ask anything you like. I'm a very mature man. Patient, kind, understanding, most always positive and smiling. Hoping to find my last and ever friend and soulmate.
  • Do you Want a heart, home, and love Update: I'm back home alone and waanting someone to share my life and love with. Just a simple kinda man, easy going, kind, understanding, faithful, and open minded. I lived in jacksonville with my son (Navy) helping take care of my 6 y/o grandson and and soon will be moving home to my 4 acres near Ocala/Gainesville and also helped take care of my 92 y/o father now deceased. Seeking a petite lady to share smiles, sensual passions, to worsip and adore, and life with forever!
  • Duffer! I'd love to find a partner for golf, friendship, love and life.
  • Southern Gentle Man I'm a kind, easy going, understanding, open minded, and patient man. Most always positive, and very sensual and passionate with the woman I care for. I am looking for a lady that is caring, understanding, kind, and passionate.
  • U want A home heart I'm just a simple mature man seeking a kind, warm, loving, and sensual lady for friendship, soulmate forever. For now I help take care of my 8 y/o grandson while my 30 y/o son goes to school after he spent 8 yrs. in the Navy.
  • An Ex but not X'd yet! Just a simple kinda man seeking friendship & companionship.
  • Southern Gentle man A mature open minded man seeking one spiritual, loving, passionate, best friend forever.
  • Southern Gentle Man A mature man seeking the beauty of intelligence and common sense in one woman seeking the same. Forever!
  • Mature& open minded! I respect and admire women that are open minded and content with their mind and body no matter the size, shape or fullness.
  • Southern Gentle Grey Man My experience has been with departed family members that are now my guardian Angels. So I beleive! I know that is real and have to believe there are more intelligent beings more than we have on this Earth. They are out there!
  • Southern Gentle Man A mature man passionate about life and very sensual, passionate and only want one woman to share my life with.
  • Red Hott! Freckles a plus too. LOL!
  • A southern gentleman! My poetry may answer my romantic side.
  • Southern Gentleman! A mature, kind, understanding, sensual, and open minded Man. Seeking friendship and more.
  • Southern Gentle Man I'm a mature, patient, understanding, kind, positive, and very loving man seeking one petite lady who is sensual and passionate when she feels comfortable and wants to be worshipped, adored, and share life forever.

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